Day of the Jackalope EP

by Day of the Jackalope

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Debut EP from Day of the Jackalope.
Released on 12" vinyl and digital.


released January 29, 2016

All music written by Day of the Jackalope.

Recorded by Jonas Kjølstad at At The Loft Records
Mixed by Jonas Kjølstad at At The Loft Records
Mastering by Audun Strype at Strype Audio
Artwork by Ola Olsen Lysgaard (
Label: Heksekunst

Vocals: Anders Hellestveit
Guitar: Jens Andreas Storaker
Bass: Lars Brodal
Drums: Bård Sigurdson


all rights reserved



Day of the Jackalope Oslo, Norway

Rock // Heavy Blues // Stoner

Oslo, Norway.

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Track Name: Waste
I see you pass me by in your car
I bet you think I won't get far
I bet you don't know shit about
How it feels to live hard

But do you know how it feels to roam?
The freedom of beeing alone?
How to get out there,
How to get by on your own?

And still you judge
Judge my life
But I live
I live with pride

I live on your waste
But I'm not wasting my life

I wrap my hand 'round my paper bag
Haven't moved, but I feel jet-lagged
I go to sleep behind a bar inside a cardboard box
where I can lay my head upon a wet rag

I see the stiff suits pass me by
A parade of silk ties
I look at them and know I'd rather die
Than live their big fat lies
Track Name: PTSD
Intoxication – driven 'cross the border
Dissarray – a mind out of order
Everything is so much colder
Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Alone – got nowhere to lean
Echoes of an empty room
Silence – noone hears the screams
No way to stop impending doom

I try to keep it upbeat
Try to stay on my feet
But I keep going down
I can't take another round

Adding – more weight to these shoulders
Piling – 'till they break my back
Making – impossible demands
Taking its toll – corroding my soul

Suffer – under heavy strains
Crack – under pressure and weight
Falling – falling, falling...
Falling deeper and deeper away
Track Name: Profiteer
Cashflow projections, drift through the ether
Big crowds are chanting, and headlines are clear
Nothing is happening, praise to st. Peter
Enjoy this happy-meal, please have no fear

When all your numbers go from black to red
Temptations of salvation in your head
They push you down and when you fail to rise
Profiteer on your demise

Nothing is sacred, not even street cred
Doctors and lawyers will be living in slums
Tables will turn, and our prophet says
That all their CEOs will live and die as bums
Track Name: Take It Back
I talk to planets, brothers
They tell me secrets of life
You and all the other figments
Where will you go when I die?

My mind is in connection
With all the time that goes by
I hear the constant whisper
I know the truth is a lie

And I say:
Let you cut a bigger slice
Your own private paradise
Now go along and take it back

Skeletons are out of the closet
And up on the wall
Fell like I just started running
But I'm ready to fall

Take it back
Track Name: New Lies
Better men succumbed to worse things
Better men got lost in these hills
We've got a solution to it all
We got someone to fall on your sword

I was sleeping when you told
New lies, too thin
I awoke to realize that
The truth had seeped in
People just won’t understand
Times come and pass
Dying can be slow
When you live fast

These are not approved and licensed
These do not conform to out specs
Would you mind repeating just what you said
There's the door, please do mind your head

These clenched fists

Let loose
Shiny boots

A tortured dream
Bankrupt regime, linen and silk

An iron hand
A broken land of honey and milk

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